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 NMLS Ombudsman

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The NMLS Ombudsman provides the industry users of NMLS and other interested parties a neutral venue to discuss issues or concerns regarding NMLS use and policies governing the System. The objective of the NMLS Ombudsman is to foster constructive dialogue between industry users of NMLS and state regulators​ to mutually work toward the goal of modern and efficient financial services regulation. 

The NMLS Ombudsman is a resource for System users with the goal of assisting in the resolution of NMLS policy and operational issues. The NMLS Ombudsman is available to discuss matters in a confidential manner and to help assist with the resolution of these matters by identifying options for resolving the issue and/or by directing the issue to the appropriate party or office.

The Ombudsman hosts open meetings twice a year with industry representatives. In addition to these regularly scheduled meetings, the NMLS Ombudsman is available to meet on an ad hoc basis throughout the year as needed.  The NMLS Ombudsman sits on the NMLS Policy Committee and reports directly to the Board of Managers of the State Regulatory Registry LLC. 

The current Ombudsman is Jim Payne, Director ​of Examinations and Assistant Deputy Commissioner for the Consumer and Mortgage Lending Division of the Kansas Office of the State Bank Commissioner. Click here​ to view Mr. Payne's full bio.

Comments concerning NMLS, state agencies use of NMLS, or other relevant matters can be sent to the Ombudsman at:

NMLS Ombudsman Process:

  1. Issues are submitted to the Ombudsman email address or routed though SRR from industry participants.
  2. The Ombudsman will address the concerns as directly as possible and provide additional resources or state contacts when necessary.
  3. Some issues are referred to SRR for resolution. These typically are NMLS navigation issues.
  4. The Ombudsman will communicate with a state regulator when the issue submitted involves a specific regulator in order to reach a resolution.

Next NMLS Ombudsman Meeting:​

The NMLS Ombudsman Meeting will be held in 2022. Date and location to be determined ​​​ ​

​​Past Ombudsman:

Meeting Archive: 

Time and Location



​September 30, 2021, Virtual Meeting

Click here to view the recording.
​April 1, 2021, Virtual Meeting

Click here to view the recording.
​September 9, 2020, Virtual Meeting

Click here to view the recording​​.​
​February 20, 2020, San Francisco, California

​August 8, 2019, San Diego California
​February 20, 2019, Orlando, FL​​
​July 31, 2018, Boston, MA

​February 9, 2018, New Orleans, LA

August 1, 2017, San Antonio, TX



February 16, 2017, Austin, TX



August 2, 2016, Tampa, FL



February 19, 2016, Phoenix, AZ



August 4, 2015, New Orleans, LA



February 16, 2015, San Diego, CA



August 5, 2014, Seattle, WA



February 18, 2014, Miami, FL


August 6, 2013, Denver, CO



February 26, 2013, San Antonio, TX



August 14, 2012, Boston, MA



February 6, 2012, Scottsdale, AZ



August 9, 2011, San Francisco, CA



February 7, 2011, Orlando, FL



August 10, 2010, St. Louis, MO



February 9, 2010, San Diego, CA





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