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 Annual Renewal Information

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 The credit report processing and the Identity Verification (IDV) process may cause NMLS reinstatement issues. If an individual licensee's demographic information (name, address, etc.) has changed since first applying for a state license in NMLS, the licensee may be prompted to complete the IDV process again as part of their request for renewal.

If you receive an email after submitting your renewal request(s) indicating that your submission failed to process due to a failed credit report, something in your record or background has changed and an IDV check needs to be completed. Instructions to complete the IDV check so your renewal submission can process can be found here​.

NOTE: Due to heavy call volume we've expanded online support options to include account password resets/unlocks, account email changes, status of license/registration renewal. Support Request Forms can be found here​. Estimated turnaround time for these requests is one business day or less. These options will be available until January 15, 2022.


The 2022 Renewal Period ended at midnight ET on December 31, 2021. 

The Reinstatement Period will start Jan. 2, 2022 and end at midnight ET on Feb. 28, 2022.

Review the State Licensing Annual Renewal information below for steps to renew your license. 

​​New Renewal Checklist Format for 2022 Renewal Period

​See Viewing and Exporting NMLS License Renewal Checklists​ for more information.​


Free, Online Renewal Courses

RenewalsforMortgage.png RenewalsforMSB.pngRenewalsforIndividuals.png

Free Access to ​Renewal Webinar Recordings​​​​
Preparing for Renewal (Mortgage)
Renewal Training (Mortgage)
Preparing for Renewal (MSB, Debt, CF)
      ​​Renewal Training (MS​B, Debt, CF)


Step 1 – Prepare for Renewal

NMLS has prepared renewal handbooks for state-licensed companies and individuals to help guide them through the renewal process. These handbooks provide information on how to prepare to and request renewal of licenses in NMLS. All records must be up-to-date with an approved status before requesting renewal. Use the Preparing for Company Renewal Quick Guide to review the information on record and confirm the status of a license or registration.

Refer to the appropriate renewal handbook for a complete overview of the renewal process.

Review the renewal checklists for any state agency-specific requirements.​

Step 2 – Make Sure Your Record is Up To Date in NMLS

Confirm you are able to access your NMLS account by logging in with your username and password. If you need assistance with your log in credentials, utilize the “Forgot your User Name/Password” hyperlinks on the NMLS log in screen. A brief video is available to assist you with this process.

Review the information on record in the Composite View tab of NMLS. If updates are necessary, use the appropriate quick guide to make updates:

Step 3 – Review Deadlines,  Requirements, and Fees

Review all applicable state(s) renewal requirements. Select an Agency, Entity Type and License Name using the drop-down box below to determine renewal deadlines, requirements, fees, etc. Licenses not required to renew through NMLS for 2022​ will not be available for section below. Click here for more information.

*Entity Type:
*License Name:

Step 4 – Request Renewal

As of November 1st, licensees can log in to NMLS, click the Renewals Tab, and request renewal of their license(s). Alternatively, licensees also have the ability to identify licenses they do not wish to renew.

In certain instances, sponsoring companies may wish to submit a renewal requests on behalf of an individual licensee. Individuals should consult with their sponsoring company to determine who is responsible for the submission of their renewal request.

A completed renewal request will reflect a "Renewal Requested" status in the Composite View tab of NMLS and the licensee will receive a confirmation email from the System.

Step 5 – What's Next?

Once Step 4 is completed, your state agency is notified of your renewal request. Your state agency will review your request, communicate any identified issues, and update the status of your renewal request.

The Composite View tab in NMLS contains the most up- to-date information regarding the status of your renewal request. The NMLS Call Center is able to provide the status as it is displayed in the System and does not have additional information regarding the status of a renewal request. The NMLS Call Center does not have the ability to change the status of your renewal request.

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